Welcome to our September to December 2021 season with the Juan de Fuca Skating Club!


 Our welcome newsletter contains information for our members; however, we want to remind everyone to continue to check the club website: (www.jdfskatingclub.com) for all important information that will be posted on a regular basis.  On the website you will find all our information. As updated information is often posted, please remember to refresh your screen on your device before checking the website. You can email the club (admin@jdfskatingclub.com)  & your questions will be forwarded to the person best suited to provide you with answers.  We also have a Facebook page where postings are frequent as well as an Instagram page.


CanSkate & Kinderskate questions may be emailed to the CanSkate directors:  Leslee Rushton (lrushton@telus.net) or Annaliese Forgiarini (jdfcoach@yahoo.ca). We are asking at this time that the Canskaters arrive at the facility with skates, CSA approved helmet and gloves on. 

Group A (used to be called Pre-Star) continues to have group instruction in order for these skaters that have moved from Canskate to Starskate the opportunity to settle in to this program. This is a two day per week program and is by invite only.

 Group B (used to be called Star 1 / 2), Group C (used to be called Star 2/3) and Group D (used to be called Star 4 & Up/ Pre-Juvenile & Up) program questions should be directed to your base/primary coach.  If you are unsure, please contact our Directors of Skating Leslee Rushton (lrushton@telus.net) or Dave MacDonald (250-896-2476).



SPECIFIC QUESTIONS REGARDING REGISTRATION ONLY, should be emailed to  registration@jdfskatingclub.com  We are using online registration with the Uplifter program. Reminder that all skaters MUST be registered before they will be permitted to go on JDFSC ice and you must read all the information on our website with the Return to Play guidelines as we are following Skate Canada COVID-19 policies and procedures with strict measures in place.  At this time, we are following Step 3 guidelines that were posted July 5th, 2021 however this can change at any time with the PHO, ViaSport, & Skate Canada BC/YK Section announcements.



We are only permitting parents/spectators in the facility with the following restrictions in place.  Only one parent per family is allowed in to the stands to watch at Only the posted viewing times on the schedule.  If this parent must bring a non-skating sibling to the arena, the child Must sit as they are not allowed to run freely through the stands. These parents will be required to space themselves out physically distanced from others at least 2 seats apart.  Entrance to the stands will be from the administration entrance by the front of the facility as there are stairs leading up to the stands from that hallway.  Parents must go straight to the stands and not linger around the skaters’ areas.  We do not want parents accessing the arena from the lobby where the Group A, B, C & D skaters are lacing up! Only these skaters are permitted in the lobby area. REMINDER there is a maximum limit of 50 spectators for all of our youth programs of 21 years and under.  Please respect this to allow us to continue to welcome you in the stands to watch your child. 

At this time we are not checking our members for proof of vaccinations, but this is subject to change.


Our Canskate Group must also only have one parent per family in the facility up in the stands. This parent must be available during the session in case your child needs to use the washroom or in a First Aid situation.  For those not arriving in skates a dressing room will be assigned for Canskate to lace up.  The lobby is NOT to be used by Canskate as we are trying very hard to control the traffic flow in this area. Canskaters once checked in will be lined up in the hallway close to the dressing rooms to go on the ice.  And the parent staying for the session will access the stands up the stairs in the hallway by the administration offices.  There will be off ice PA monitors on Canskate days to check skaters in and direct parents.


MASKS are mandatory for all skaters, coaches, parents/spectators when entering the facilities.  Skaters are permitted to take off their mask when stepping on the ice, and must put it back on when getting off the ice. The JDFSC Coaches will continue to wear masks when not able to physically distance, and our Canskate PA’s (Program Assistants) and PA buddy assistants will be wearing masks at all times both on and off the ice for the Canskate program. All of our JDFSC Coaches are double vaccinated and continue to have safety measures in place for all our programs.


 CANSKATE: Fun themes will also be posted. Canskaters will receive their name tag on the first day and will be responsible for wearing it to every session and turning it in on their last session.  Skaters that do not have their name tag on will not be permitted on the ice so please make sure you do not lose it. Special sanitizing will be done when handing out ribbons or badges on completion. 


Skater entrance times to the facility:

Groups B, C, D skaters only may enter the facility 30 minutes prior to their on-ice session to do an off-ice warm up in a designated space. 

Group A & B on Mon & Thurs and Group C on Sat may enter the facility 15 min before your off-ice class.

Canskate may enter the facility 20 min prior to their on-ice session under direction of our Volunteers. 


** ALL groups are expected to leave the facility within 10 minutes of getting off the ice!  **


** Reminder:  Our sessions are “subject to change” and we will do our best to post accurate information on the website regarding any of these.  It is the responsibility of our members to keep checking the website.


** Due to the 2-week arena renovation delay in starting our JDFSC programs we will extend our programs 2 weeks into the New Year (January 2022). These dates will be posted as soon as we receive confirmation from arena management along with our winter registration (Jan to Mar 2022).


Please Note the following important dates:

 NO SKATING AT THE JDF ARENA on Sunday Oct. 31st – Happy Hallowe’en 😊

REVISED SCHEDULE TO BE POSTED SOON for Sunday Oct. 17th and Sunday Nov. 21st.


Tuesday Dec. 7th is the last day of JDFSC Kinderskate




Tuesday Dec. 21st is the last day of JDFSC ice before the holiday break.


Tuesday Jan. 4 – back to school and skating!


Registration for Jan to Mar 2022 sessions will open late fall and Members will be notified.


“As the COVID-19 pandemic continues through its 4th wave, Skate Canada and all Skate Canada Sections wish to advise our stakeholders, including Skate Canada Clubs & Schools, Coaches, Officials, Volunteers, Registrants and their parents and guardians, that everyone must follow precautions and restrictions outlined by provincial and municipal governments and local venue operators to ensure Skate Canada programs are taking place safely. We actively encourage those participating in Skate Canada programs who are eligible for the vaccine to be immunized.  Public health guidelines have clearly outlined the positive impact of full immunization with approved COVID-19 vaccines” 


Thank you for your patience, understanding and support during these unusual times. And for helping the JDFSC protect its members in a safe environment during this pandemic.   


Be well, Stay safe and Happy Skating to all our members!