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Club Photo Day

Please click on the images above for the photo forms.

Photo Day Schedule for all JDF skaters:

**All photos will be taken in the JDF lobby in front of a green screen, therefore please avoid wearing anything green, light blue or white. Bring your skates to wear **

*For those wearing Halloween costumes you can dress up after your photos!

4:00-4:30        Pre-Star + Star 1/2     

4:30-5:10        Star 2/3                     

5:10-5:50        Star 4+                      

5:50-6:00        PAs/Buddies             

6:00-6:20        CanSkaters (Th/ Sat),


6:20-7:00        CanSkate (Mon)

Photography by: Freeze Frame Photography

Fill out your form and bring to photo day. Each skater must have their own form please. 


Each skater will receive one individual and one group photo free of charge; additional orders have to be purchased.

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BACK 2018 FINAL.png
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