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Safe Sport

The JDF Skating Club and Skate Canada are dedicated to providing a safe sport environment for all of its participants and members. We want to be transparent with how concerns of any kind are handled within the skating club and Skate Canada.


A safe sport environment is one in which all members can participate in activities without fear of harm, injury, or abuse. This includes physical, emotional, sexual, and psychological abuse. A safe sport environment also promotes fairness, respect, and inclusion for all members, regardless of their age, gender, race, or sexual orientation.


Step 1:

Please speak to your primary coach about your concerns. If you do not have a coach then please speak to the Director of Skating.

Step 2:

If you do not wish to speak to your coach then you can send an email to the Board of Directors. All emails are sent to the President ONLY. The President will then bring forward the issues raised with the board if necessary or with the Director of Skating.

Step 3:

If your concern is unresolved after Step 1 and 2, you can then submit anonymously through the Skate-Safe's hotline. 

Learn more about Skate Canada's dedication to a Skate-Safe environment

Learn more about the Skate-Safe program and procedures.

Skate Canada Safe Sport
1-888-747-2372 ext: 732

Misconduct Reporting
File A Report

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