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Deanna Young
Club Coach


  • NCCP Level 2 Certified; NCCP Level 3 Theory 

  • 28 years coaching experience singles, dance, skills, choreography 

  • 26 years coaching experience Synchronized Skating 

  • Over 16 years of dance training in various disciplines including ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap and hip hop 

  • Competed provincially at Novice level 

  • Achieved test levels at Pre-Novice and Novice, Gold test levels in Dance, Figures and Free Skate (Elements), Bronze test level in Interpretive 

  • Specializes in Singles, Dance, Skills, Choreography and Synchronized Skating 

Born and raised in Victoria, Deanna has been a member of the Juan de Fuca Skating Club for the
past 46 years both as a competitive skater and as a part-time coach. She has worked with many
skaters over the years in all disciplines, which includes synchronized skating.

Deanna has achieved Gold Test levels in Dance, Figures and FreeSkate (Elements), as well a
achieved her Bronze test level in Interpretive before beginning her coaching career. She holds test

levels at Pre-Novice and Novice, competing locally and provincially at these levels. She was trained
and coached by Dave MacDonald, Gayle Wallach, Patrick O’Brien, Stephanie Wallach-Carr and Greg
Ladret. Over the years, Deanna has also had the pleasure to work one on one with coaches Ron
Vincent, Frank Nowasad and Garth Powers, and through seminars with skating legends such as Toller
Cranston, Gary Beacom, Steven Cousins, Shae-Lynn Bourne, Kathy Dalton, Benoît Venne, among
other singles and synchronized skating coaches.


Since 1994, Deanna has coached various synchronized skating teams with the club at the Pre-Novice,
Novice, Junior, Open and Adult levels, all which have achieved success competing locally, provincially
and nationally. Currently, Deanna is restructuring the synchronized skating program at the club, and
is passionate about introducing this exciting discipline to anyone who is interested in learning more
about it.


“I am inspired by the skaters that I get to work with every day. I enjoy giving back to the club in
which I grew up with, and love to share my passion for the sport with my skaters.”

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