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Assessment Coordinator Overview

Star 6-Gold

  • Approximately 4 assessment day per year

  • Submits Star 6- Gold assessment day online request to Region/Section

    Link to fill out request:

  • Obtains the names of skaters to be tested from coaches via email or in person

  • Submits the number and types of tests to the Region/ Section.

  • Draft schedule with some assistance from DOS. Submit schedule to region/section

    for approval

  • Email each family information and the amount to be paid via Uplifter for their


  • Emails schedule to coaches and skaters

  • Arranges for volunteers to help on hosted assessment days (such as music players,


  • Duties subject to change with procedures dependent on Region/Section

  • All Assessments Star 1 – Gold

  • Tracks assessment day payments on spreadsheet for each test day ( Star 6- Gold) or by coach ( Star 1-5)

  • Submit assessment results online to skate Canada and send summary of submission to coaches.

  • Star 1- 5 assessments are given done by their own coach. Coaches send names ahead of time so payments can be tracked in uplifter. Notify coaches when payments are made

  • Send submission summary, payment tracking and receipt to treasurer for reimbursement

  • Keep records of all tests organized on a thumb drive. Paper copies to be kept 2 years.

  • Order Canskate Ribbons and badges as requested by Canskate Director(s)

  • Ensure assessment sheets are the up to date and photo copy as necessary

  • Attends three Tri-annual Vancouver Island Region meetings each year.??

  • Attends monthly Executive meetings and submits a written report.

  • Prepares an end of year report for the AGM.

  • Must have a personal credit card for assessment payments / ribbon & badge orders

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