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* Winter Wonderland *

On Saturday, December 11th:

All JDFSC members are welcome to attend this holiday event! 

All skaters AND their families can participate!!

Wear festive clothing and attire, i.e. Santa hats, reindeer antlers, elf hats, light up lights, Christmas sweaters. etc :)

Sign-up at the rink to let us know you are coming!


Proof of Vaccination

JDFSC club skaters will not be required to show PoV.

All other family members aged 12yrs+, whether you are skating or watching, you will be required to show your ID and PoV to one of our club volunteers at the arena entrance.

Mask Requirements

Masks are to be worn when inside the facility. Participants are not required to wear a mask once on the ice, but are welcome to do so. 


JDF Arena


7:10-7:25pm - Check in time 

7:30-8:30pm (on-ice)

7:10-7:25pm Check in time for all participants outside the arena entrance.

 We are going to do PoV checks outside the facility to accommodate our large group. It is important to note that we can only enter once the previous group has left. We hope to be able to enter the facility at 7:20pm or earlier.

JDFSC will have dressing rooms 1 & 2 available for families. 

Once off the ice, JDFSC must exit the facility ASAP to allow a buffer between us and the next group. User groups are given 5 minutes to leave the facility. Knowing this, we recommend that participants leave the ice 5 minutes early if they require more time.

Additional Information:

 Skate rentals available

Free Helmets (limited availability) * Please bring your own *

Gliders are not available during these ice sessions

Green Snowflake
Green Snowflake
Green Snowflake
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