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Registration Steps

'FUN'damentals-For beginner skaters

This summer we are excited to be offering a skating program that is comparable to
CanSkate. It is called ‘FUN’damentals. The ABC’s of skating will be taught and fine
tuned: Agility, Balance and Control. 

Please note there are mandatory requirements to enroll for the program:

*Skaters must be age of 5 as of July 1, 2024.

*Skaters must have passed Pre-Canskate (yellow ribbon) or be able to get up
after falling as well as move forward without any on ice assistance.

Group A

Group A is by INVITE ONLY.

Group B/C/D

Invite Only. You will receive an email stating which group you are in for the Fall/Winter season.

Please do not register until you know which group you are in.

Sessions generally run:

  • Fall (Sept-Dec)

  • Winter (Jan-Mar)

  • Spring (April-May)

  • Summer (July-Aug)

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