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Juan de Fuca Skating Club has Face Masks for SALE for a limited time!!




Attention JDFSC members: skaters, coaches, parents and volunteers! We have two options of face masks for sale (see pictures below). The white face masks would be amazing for competitions!


Price: Masks are $25.00 each. For every mask sold the club will receive $10.00 as a donation back to the club, which is such an amazing opportunity to help keep our ice fees low for all our skaters.

Deadline: EXTENDED JDFSC members now have until Monday Feb. 15th, 2021 to hand in their orders and to submit payment.

Payment: Orders to be paid over Uplifter only. Payment must occur by the deadline. Please note that if you have not paid, your order will not be submitted.


How do I order?

Yes these masks are for any JDFSC member (skater, coach, parent or volunteer). Rulers for sizing will be available, and they will only be handed out to parents that wish to place the order, not to the skaters. If you are interested please ask one of the heath check volunteers for one, and they will write your name down on the club's order list.


Each ruler has 4 coloured dots showing the sizes of the masks. Please make sure to measure from mid nose to just under the chin. Once you have the measurement, please write the colour you want, name and phone number on the back, and then give your measured ruler back to one of our health check volunteers. Reminder that both your order and payment are due by Monday Feb. 15, 2021. 


Additional Info for face masks:

  • Non-woven poly

  • Best protection after the N96 Mask

  • Stops 65% of the particles

  • How to use: Insert the PM2.5 filter along the inside of the mask

  • Disposable supplies can’t be reused or washed

  • Recommended to replace the filter once a week, or for best effect every 3 days if there is a serious contamination

If you have any questions at all please email Amanda at

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