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JDFSC "Skate the Pond" Special Event

Date: TBD - We hope to re-schedule our JDFSC "Skate the Pond"

event for another time when it is allowed and safe to do so.

Location:  Westhills Arena (outdoor rink)

2:00-3:30 Group A & B 
4:00-5:30 Group B & C 
6:00-7:30 Group C & D 

24 JDFSC registered skaters maximum allowed on the ice per time spot.
Parents and guardians allowed on the perimeter watching.
3 tents with heaters will be set up for viewing.
Food and Beverages will be available for purchase.

**Please note: skaters must sign up for this event at the health check area so that we may confirm what time your skater can attend. This is due to Group A all being on the first time slot, with some Group B, and Group B being on the second time slot with some Group C etc. We want to make sure skaters have the opportunity to enjoy this event the club is hosting for them!

Waiver forms (click here) for each skater must be signed and turned in no later than Sunday November 15th at the health check area before your session. This is mandatory and skaters will not be put on our club list for this event without this waiver as it is required by City Centre facility.

Mr Rushton
JDFSC Director of Skater Development

**PLEASE READ the following notice for Nov.21 **

Saturday November 21st there are regular morning sessions at the Q Centre.
NO Off-Ice classes that day.

Group A,B,C,D skaters that have signed up for the Skate the Pond (outdoor rink at Westhills) please remember to only arrive at the start of your Group time that you have signed up for. Your confirmed time will be emailed to you.

Please be advised that due to respecting the maximum of 50 allowed for this event per Group time, as posted by the facility, we are asking that each skater is permitted only one parent to be on the perimeter (not on the ice) during your skaters group. With our skaters that have signed up we hope to stay under 40 skaters/parents in total at this outdoor area.

The Cabanas are a heated seating area that allow a maximum of 6 people per group. The cost is $15.00 per Cabana per group time that is to be paid by the 6 people booking this space. During the Group time if you purchase food and or beverages from the Grill restaurant this $15.00 fee is credited back on your final bill at the end of the session. Therefore if you spend $15.00 or more as a Group it covers the Cabana fee.

If you wish to reserve a Cabana space, please email ( your name (along with the people you wish to sit with) by tomorrow (Thursday) and we will do our best to accommodate this. Priority will be given to this reserved seating based on the time the email is received. You will receive confirmation of this by Friday.

Please note that there are benches for parents to sit on around the perimeter should you not wish a heated Cabana seat.

This is weather permitting, and we will receive a call Saturday morning should the event be cancelled. If cancelled by the facility, it will be posted on the club website and Facebook page by
1:00pm at the latest. It would be rescheduled by the facility for another day.

Reminder, masks are encouraged when physical distancing measures cannot be in place.


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