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Mackenzie Wavryk

Club Coach

  • NCCP CanSkate certified

  • NCCP Regional Coach certified

  • NCCP Provincial coach - TRAINED 

  • Specializes in: Freeskate and jump technique & choreography 

  • Skate Canada membership, First Aid, Code of Ethics

  • Star 1-5 Assessor

  • Achieved Skate Canada Gold in FreeSkate

  • Retired Senior Women Competitive Skater, and provincial team member 

  • 18 years experience in figure skating 

  • 10 years coaching experience with development levels 

  • Has experience as development director for developmental levels 

  • Ability to use on ice harness for developmental levels 

  • Has been an office instructor for 8 years, specializing office jump technique and competitive level fitness 

Mackenzie Wavryk, raised in BC, represented her province in competitive skating during her youth. She competed at the senior level until May 2023. Training under ISU technical specialist Jamie McGrigor and renowned coaches Karen and Jason Mongraine, Mackenzie fostered a passion for figure skating from the age of 3. She achieved various successes in figure skating and beyond, earning the title of "Emerging Business Person of the Year" for 2023 from the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce.

In early 2020, Mackenzie obtained a professional figure skating contract with Royal Caribbean to perform in their ice shows. However, the pandemic redirected her career towards coaching. Mackenzie is passionate about sharing her figure skating knowledge to the new generation of skaters. She believes in creating a supportive space where athletes can freely express their emotions, challenges, and concerns. Her coaching goal is to help athletes devise strategies for stress management, resilience building, and maintaining a healthy sport-life balance throughout their figure skating journey.

Mackenzie is a NCCP Level 2 - Provincial Coach and is commited to expanding her knowledge through gaining her NCCP Level 3 certification. She has experience teaching CanSkate, Learn to Skate, and Power Skating through local recreation center organizations and served as an Office Instructor for three years. Mackenzie has a comprehensive understanding of athletes' needs both on and off the ice and is committed to helping them achieve their goals.

Figure skating is not just a sport to Mackenzie, it's her life, her passion. It played a profound role in shaping her into the resilient individual she is today. The ice rink, for her, was a classroom where she learned valuable life lessons. The challenges and triumphs she encountered during her skating career taught her resilience and perseverance, and these experiences have been instrumental in shaping her approach to life. Today, Mackenzie cherishes the opportunity to be a part of other skaters' journeys, imparting the knowledge and skills she has accumulated over the years. She considers it a privilege to be able to guide and mentor the new generation of figure skaters, assisting them in their own unique paths towards growth and success.

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