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Spring 2022 Newsletter

The JDFSC skaters have had a very busy, fun and productive spring!

StarSkate was finally allowed to compete in person in our VI Funskate event held in Esquimalt with so many great results. This was a great event experience for all the skaters and a good first in person event since before Covid.

We held our own year end showcase on the last day of our ice at JDF arena in March.

The skaters were all able to do their solos on cleared ice/competition style with an audience present for the first time in such a long time! These skaters were presented with Bravo Certificates for their wonderful performances.

We had our Star 6-Gold Assessments early March and then again in early May and it was great to be able to have a Skate Canada Official in person at these events. The skaters had great results at both of these along with the Star 1-5 Assessments that have been ongoing for our skaters. Congratulations to Madison Simoneau on passing her Skate Canada Gold Skills!!! Star and Competitive skaters competed at the Super Series Vancouver Island competition in Parksville in early April and their awards were mailed to us and we did presentations on ice at the Westhills arena.

Great performances and results skaters. A detailed list of their results is at the end of this newsletter.

Our Canskate sessions at spring were full with a waiting list for both days and our Pre-Star Group A session doubled in numbers with many skaters passing ribbons and badges and also enjoying the theme days for spring.

All JDFSC skaters received congratulations certificates during the last week of spring ice. Many skaters competed in Vancouver on the May long weekend at the Super Series Victoria Day event. Awards were presented on site at this event which was nice for the skaters as it is the first time in a long time due to Covid restrictions. We are enjoying the Covid restrictions being relaxed this spring but still respect each other in the facility as we are back to a "new normal" in the arena.

The skaters are back on the ice for some June sessions and look forward to summer ice back at the JDF arena.

Happy Spring to All...let's bring on summer! 😊


JDFSC Results for Super Series Vancouver Island Parksville April 1-3, 2022

Star 1

Emily Melynkov - Gold

Star 2

Jolene Bourbonnais - Silver

Derek Lee - Bronze Wesley Lee - Bronze Aurora Hazen - Bronze

Star 3

Natalie Smith - Gold

Lucy Howland - Gold

Caitlin Spivey - Silver

Hailey Bodman - Silver

Liliana Watson - Silver

Paige Olynyk - Silver

Star 4 Girls U13

Group 1

Drina Kenworthy - Gold

Mia Lemire - Silver

Opale Adamek-Drolet -5th

Elsa Lee - 6th

Group 2

Evelyn Bekkema - Gold

Jayda Moak - Bronze

Madeline Evans - 5th

Group 3

Elinor Bruch-Gage - Gold

Star 5 Girls 13 & over

Jane Hopkins - Bronze

Star 7 Women Short Program

Group 1

Serena Park - Bronze

Alexandra Hargrave - 7th

Sophia Park - 8th

Jamie Page - 10th

Pre-Juvenile Women U11

Julie Forslund - Silver

Pre-Juvenile Women U13

Serena Park - Bronze

Sophia Park - 7th

Juvenile Women U15

Jessica Brewer - Silver

Alexandra Hargrave - 8th Pre-Novice Women Short Program Madison Simoneau - Gold

Ariana Robertson - 5th

Pre-Novice Women Free Program Madison Simoneau - Silver

Ariana Robertson - 8th

Junior Women Short Program

Bryanne Thomson - Gold

Junior Women Free Program

Bryanne Thomson - Silver

JDFSC Results for Super Series Victoria Day Competition

May 20-22, 2022 - Surrey BC

​Star 3 Girls (Group 26)

Hailey Bodman – Silver

Star 4 Girls U10 (Group 3)

Natalie Smith – Silver

Star 4 Girls U13 (Group 2)

Madeline Evans – Silver

Star 5 Women U13

(Group 1)

Opale Ademek -Drolet – 4th

Mia Lemire – 11th

(Group 2)

Evelyn Bekkema – 6th

Drina Kenworthy – 10th

Jayda Moak – 11th

(Group 4)

Eva Khamidllina -Silver

Star 7 Women

(Group 1)

Avery Lister – Gold

Serena Park – 5th

Sophia Park – 10th

(Group 2)

Alexandra Hargrave – 4th

Pre-Juvenile Women U11 (Group 3)

Julie Forslund – 8th

Pre-Juvenile Women U13 (Group 1)

Sophia Park – 6th

(Group 2)

Serena Park – 10th

Juvenile Women U12

Avery Lister – 11th

Juvenile Women U15

Alexandra Hargrave– 4

Pre-Novice Women

Short Program

(Group 2)

Ariana Robertson – 2nd;

Free Program – 5th;

Overall - 4th

Pre-Novice Women

Short Program

(Group 3)

Madison Simoneau– 11th;

Free Program – 1st

Overall – (2nd) Silver

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