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*This is a free to register event for Group B, C & D skaters
*Registration deadline: is before December 6th at the Health

 Check or email 
*Festive awards to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place teams
*Teams will be seeded based on skill level
*Max 6 per team
*Team captain for each team will pick their team from a hat
*Competition will take place during sessions
*Officials TBA


December 12, 2020 - Group B
December 13, 2020 - Group C & D

Group D will be:

Team Dasher
Team Dancer
Team Prancer

Group C will be:

Team Vixen
Team Comet
Team Cupid

Group B will be:

Team Donner
Team Blitzen
Team Rudolf

Elements: Group D
-Ina Bauer or Outside Spread Eagle
-Falling Leaf
-Back Spin
-Layback Spin
-Change Combo Spin
-Flying Camel
-Axel Jump
-Double Jump
-Choreo Group Routine

Elements: Group C
-Spiral Unassisted
-Spiral Assisted
-Outside Spread Eagle
-Falling Leaf
-Back Spin
-Upright Spin
-Sit Spin
-Camel Spin
-Salchow Jump
-Lutz Jump
-Choreo Group Routine

Elements: Group B
-OutsideSpread Eagle (Frog)
-Spiral RFO
-Spiral LFO
-3Turn Sequence
-Back Upright Spin
-Forward Upright Spin
-Sit Spin
-Camel Spin
-Loop Jump
-Salchow Jump
-Choreo Group Routine

*All skaters are strongly encouraged to participate. If there is an element for medical reasons you are unable to perform, another member of your team will execute the skill in your place.
*Choreo Routine music for each group will be played 30 min prior to their session off ice. It will be played 2 times and is a 1 min festive tune in length. (No holds permitted)
On ice you will hear it 1 time and have 3 min to practice.


Thank you,
Larry Rushton JDFSC Director of Skater Development


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