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JDF Skating Club Online AGM 


An email was sent out regarding our upcoming AGM to the families who have skated with us in the 2019-20 season. Please check your inbox. 

If you did not receive this email, please contact us at admin@jdfskatingclub.com

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2020 Belairdirect BC/YK Summer Skate Super Series Competition Cancelled

Click here for more info.

Return to the Rink

Updated as of June 11, 2020

To our JDFSC members,

We hope this finds everyone well in these difficult times. It has been a long break away from the rink and we are now happy to announce the plan to return!

This evening we received the Skate Canada BC Section Return to Skating Waiver. We can now have all our members sign and date this document in order for their child to return to skating. This will be a mandatory form that must filled out completely, signed and be brought to your skaters first session or they will not be allowed in the facility or on the ice. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

We cannot this summer offer any Learn to Skate or Pre-Star/Star 1 programs due to the restrictions still in place. The ice booked at Westhills arena (in Langford) for June and at the Q (arena down the hill from JDF) for July/Aug. will be for Star 2 & Up.

All parents should, along with their skaters, read the Skate Canada BC/YK Return to Play for Figure Skating Guidelines as well as the viasport Return to Sport Guidelines for BC. We will be following the guidelines and enforcing the policies set in place by these governing bodies.

Skaters will be dropped off in the parking lot 15 min before their session and signed in with a health check at the entrance door each time. They are to leave the arena within 15 min of their session ending, leave through the exit door and meet their parent in the parking lot. They are to arrive dressed and must respect the physical distancing plan in place. We recommend that for this ice they do their own off ice warm-up at home or in the parking lot of the arena under the parent supervision. No off-ice warm-up will be permitted in the arena. Skaters may arrive with skates on or there will be a designated place to lace up. There is to be no food brought to the arena and their own personal water bottles must be filled at home to bring with them. Skaters must be punctual for all sessions or they will not be permitted into the rink. They must wear clean gloves each time, and if using tissues on the ice will need to have their own small plastic bag to discard. We must follow strict schedules and rules to allow for the safety of all. At this time, we are following the guidelines in place by Skate Canada and viasport and not allowing any spectators/parents in the facility. Our priority must be to keep our skaters and coaches safe during this process. That being said your child must be able to do their own skates and function without a parent for the short time they are at the arena.


The following days are booked at Westhills and the skaters will be emailed the group (A, B or C) they are permitted to register for. Priority will be given to the skaters that replied to the survey sent out regarding this ice. This ice will be sold as full package only and if there are spots remaining then we will open registration up. There will be a deadline to register once it is posted. We are limited to the numbers we can have on the ice so this is the only way to proceed. Also, please note that skaters booking the full package will be expected to skate all 12 sessions due to our limited number allowed on the ice. If you cannot commit to all 12 please wait until the next registration opening.


5:00-5:35 pm Group A, 5:35-6:10 pm Group B, 6:10-6:50 pm Group C on the following dates:

June 15, 16, 18, 22, 23, 25, 29, 30, & July 2


7:30-8:05pm Group A, 8:05-8:40pm Group B, 8:40-9:20pm Group C – July 5

2:15-2:45pm Group A, 2:45-3:15pm Group B, 3:15-3:50pm Group C – July 7

8:00-8:35am Group A, 8:35-9:10 am Group B, 9:10-9:50am Group C – July 9


Full package cost for Group A & B (12 sessions) is $126.00

Full package cost for Group C (12 sessions) is $144.00


Summer School will be held at the Q arena (down the hill from JDF arena) from July 13- August 14th with possible ice following the 5-week school. The sessions will start at 9:00am and run until 4:20pm. Star 2 & 3 sessions will be held in the morning and Star 4 in the afternoon. Once again, the skaters will be notified what session they can register for (A, B, C, D etc.) as these sessions will also have a limited number allowed on the ice. Star 2 & 3 skaters can expect to skate for approx. one hour each day (Mon to Fri) and Star 4+ skaters can expect to skate for approx. one hour and 45 min each day. We are still working on the schedule as we hope to be able to offer some off-ice classes outdoors after their sessions.

The same policies and procedures will apply for this school as well as we must “be smart” with this process in order to hopefully be able to offer more programs in the fall. And registration will be the same as June ice with the skaters that replied to the survey sent out having priority with full package bookings.

More information will be posted soon. We are very happy to be able to get our JDFSC skaters back on the ice in a structured process that we hope will be the start of many more months on the ice! Looking forward to seeing all those smiling faces again and being ready to do “virtual hugs” with physical distancing after such a long time apart!


Let’s make Dr. Bonnie Henry proud with our decisions and actions!

For Summer Skating information and the tentative summer schedule, go to the 2020 Summer Schedule under the "Registration"tab.

Dear VI Region,


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions placed on our sport because of it, the Vancouver Island Region executive has decided to cancel the September seminar (VI Skater Development Seminar) this year.


Matt Willis


Skater Development Committee

Skate Canada | Vancouver Island Region


 JDFSC will continue to post information both on the club website and club facebook page that affect any changes to our programs in the near future.

 The health and safety of our JDFSC members, skaters, coaches, volunteers and our community is most important in our decisions moving forward with this global situation.
 Thank you for your understanding and patience.
 Please stay safe and healthy!



 Club Fundraising



A Bottle Drive will be taking place on July 18.

We WILL NOT be going door to door and if members can collect from their house and/or family and just drop it off at 177 Belmont Road in Belmont Park (same as last bottle drive) we will be there from 9:00am - 3:00pm

Thank you to the skaters & their parents who have helped with

JDFSC fundraising events !!

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