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To the Juan de Fuca Skating Club

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Please direct any questions  or concerns to our club email at admin@jdfskatingclub.com 

~ Thank you ~

Be a part of one of Canada's favourite pastimes and join a skating club near you. 


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Membership Information

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BC/YK Section January & February Competitions

Dear BC/YK Section Clubs, Coaches and Officials,


In light of the COVID situation around the Province, the Regions and the Section have agreed that in the best interest of the health of our skating community and in support of government directives, to not host any competitions in the Province during the months of January and February.

For more info, go to the Competitions Page



Online registration for the JDFSC Winter Season (Jan to Mar 2022) is now available!!

Register for only ONE  CanSkate session (Mon, Th, or Sat) at this time.

If you'd like to register your skater(s) for a second CanSkate session please email registration@jdfskatingclub.com, before you register.

If space is available to do two sessions, you will be notified.

Thank you for your cooperation.




Attention GROUPS A, B, C, D skaters:

Please read through this important registration information. The Winter 2022 schedule for Jan to Mar 2022 can be found under the registration tab on the website.

* Skaters in Groups B, C, D - Please register for the same group you skated in for the Fall 2021 season, unless your coach has contacted you to let you know to register for a different group. If you have any questions, please ask your primary coach.

​* Group A (Pre-Star) is by invite only. Those skaters will be contacted by the CanSkate Directors. If you have any questions, please reach out to the CanSkate Directors Miss Annaliese and Mrs. Rushton.


FULL PACKAGE - for Groups  A, B, C, D:

Registration opens: 10:00am Thursday Dec. 16th

Registration closes: noon Wednesday Dec. 22nd​


PARTIAL PACKAGE - for Groups B, C, D

Registration opens: 10:00am Thursday Dec. 23rd


We are excited to start up again in January! If you have any registration questions, please email registration@jdfskatingclub.com 

Happy Holidays and A Happy New Year to all our JDFSC skaters and their families!!




As of November 18th, 2021

Hello JDFSC Members,


It is important for all of our JDFSC members to understand:


It is mandated by the facility that our club must check for PoVs for all spectators aged 12+ at this time. If we do not have volunteers in place to check for PoVs, then the club cannot allow spectators.


That EVERYONE must follow these spectator guidelines in order to continue to enter and watch our skaters skate at this time. 


The JDFSC Board of Directors is constantly working to keep up to date with the changes to the mandates/ guidelines and restrictions that affect our club. Please know that all of our decisions are carefully considered for the safety and in the best interests of all our skaters, coaches, volunteers, facility staff and our parents/ spectators. 


If you have any concerns or are unhappy with club policies, please email the club at admin@jdfskatingclub.com, so that they can be addressed properly.


We very much want to continue to have parents/spectators in the arena watching our skaters, please help us to keep this possible. 


These are challenging and stressful times for everyone, so let’s continue to be safe, to be calm and especially to be kind and respectful to one another.


The JDFSC Board of Directors have determined that these following changes will take effect immediately as of Thursday November 18th, 2021:


The 50 people max restriction is no longer in effect. Please sit physically distanced at least two seats from other families.


Masks are to be worn when inside the facility (including when in the stands). Skaters do not have to wear their mask once they are on the ice.


  • All parents/ guardians and spectators aged 12+ must provide proof of vaccination (PoV) in order to enter and watch skaters during their sessions (as mandated by the facility).

  • Parents and spectators must show their ID and PoV to one of our volunteers or coaches.

  • Get your name on the list so you do not have to show your PoV and ID each time you enter. 

  • All JDFSC parents/spectators MUST check in with the volunteers EVERY time at the JDF arena entrance.

PARENTS/SPECTATORS will NOW be allowed to watch their skaters for full sessions from the stands only. This applies to all of our programs.

  • All are to wear masks when in the facility (including when in the stands).

  • Parents/spectators will be given a 15 minute window to check in with our volunteers (please see these check in times listed below). 

  • To allow skaters time to get on the ice first, viewing times will commence after skaters' on-ice start times.

  • These times also allow parents/spectators and skaters to leave the arena to minimize the amount of people in the lobby at one time.

  • Parents/spectators are not permitted to linger in the stands or lobby after their skaters session is finished. This again will help to minimize the amount of people coming and going through the lobby at one time keeping the lobby clear for skaters.



  • Will only be in place for the set 15 minute window check in times, after which they will go up to the stands to watch.

  • If parents/spectators leave the facility, they will not be permitted to re-enter after the check in times.

  • If there are no volunteers in place at the JDF entrance to check for PoVs, then parents/spectators are NOT allowed to enter. 

  • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!! Please email the club email (admin@jdfskatingclub.com) and Mrs. Rushton (lrushton@telus.net) if you are able to volunteer.

  • Currently the club has only 7 volunteers who kindly signed up to help check for PoVs. We still hope that those 7 volunteers can continue to do the PoV checks. If those 7 could please confirm asap with Mrs. Rushton (lrushton@telus.net).


Parents/Spectators Check In Times

** These check in times help to minimize the amount of people in the lobby at one time, and to keep the lobby clear for skaters only. 


** ALL parents/ spectators need to check in and go right up to the stands, and we appreciate you vacating the stands before the skaters get off the ice. Reminder to not linger in the lobby when the skaters are in the lobby. Thank you for your cooperation. 


5:20-5:35pm - Group A + B parents

6:00-6:15pm - CanSkate parents (must be in stands in case your child needs to leave the ice)

7:15-7:30pm - Group D parents (this allows CanSkate group to leave first)



Kinderskate - All parents/ spectators aged 12yrs+ must show PoV upon entering the arena (must be in stands in case your child needs to leave the ice)

4:05-4:20pm - Group C parents

6:15-6:30pm - Group D parents (enter after the ice clean)



5:35-5:50pm - Group A + B parents

6:15-6:30pm - CanSkate parents (must be in stands in case your child needs to leave the ice)

7:30-7:45pm - Group D parents (this allows CanSkate group to leave first)


4:35-4:50pm - Group C parents

5:35-5:50pm - Group D parents



9:05-9:20am - Group C parents

10:00-10:15am - Group D parents

10:45-11:00am - CanSkate parents (must be in stands in case your child needs to leave the ice)



3:05-3:20pm - Group B + Kids Synchro parents

4:05-4:20pm - Group C parents

6:05-6:20pm - Group D parents (enter after the ice clean, if you choose to stay for the second freeskate please keep the lobby clear for skaters only)


THANK YOU for abiding by these parent/spectator check in times. We very much want to continue to have parents/spectators in the arena watching our skaters, please help us to keep this possible. 


Please continue to check the club website for updated information. 


See you at the rink!




Skate Canada Logo_edited.jpg

A message from the National office. We are still waiting for an announcement from Skate Canada BC/YK Section and Viasport.


Skate Canada Vaccination Requirements

As the 2021-2022 season prepares to get underway, Skate Canada and all Skate Canada Sections are issuing a joint statement on our collective position on vaccination requirements in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic:
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues through its fourth wave, Skate Canada and all Skate Canada Sections wish to advise our stakeholders, including Skating Clubs and Schools, Coaches, Officials, Volunteers, Registrants and their parents and guardians, that everyone must follow the precautions and restrictions outlined by provincial and municipal governments and local venue operators to ensure Skate Canada programs are taking place safely. We actively encourage those participating in Skate Canada programs who are eligible for the vaccine to be immunized. Public health guidance has clearly outlined the positive impact of full immunization with approved COVID-19 vaccines.  
It is important to note that venue operators in many jurisdictions now require proof of double vaccination to participate in programming in their facilities. We remind all of our stakeholders that due to facility restrictions, participation at the 2022 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships, taking place in Ottawa, ON, will require proof of double vaccination at least two weeks in advance of the events. 
On September 14, 2021, The City of Regina announced the implementation of a Vaccination Passport to begin on November 15, 2021. As such, it is expected that participation at the 2022 Skate Canada Challenge, taking place in Regina, SK, will require proof of double vaccination at least two weeks in advance. More information will be circulated when confirmed by the City of Regina.  

Mask Requirements:


Due to the government announcement and the facility requirements from both West Shore Parks & Recreation (JDF Arena & Q Centre Arena) and  City Centre Park (Westhills Arena), all of JDFSC is required to wear masks when in their facilities.

All skaters, coaches, parents/spectators and volunteers are required to wear masks when inside the JDF Arena, Q Centre Arena and Westhills Arena facilities. Specifically when entering and exiting the building, and when in common indoor spaces like hallways, lobby areas, the stands and dressing rooms. 

Please note that at this time, skaters do not have to wear a mask once on the ice. Skaters can remove their own mask and put it in their jacket pocket while they skate, but masks must be put back on once they have finished their session on the ice. Skaters are welcome to wear masks on the ice, and if masks are worn on the ice then they must stay on the entire time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding through these difficult times. Please continue to check our club website and facebook page for updated membership information.

Take care, Be well, Stay safe!



  • The Juan de Fuca Skating Club takes direction from Skate Canada  and the BC/YK Section.  They follow all orders from the PHO and viaSport along with the Skate Canada Lawyers.  Everything that is drafted and sent out to us we must follow as a Skate Canada Club​​

  •  If you are ill, Stay Home!

  • If someone in your household tests positive for COVID then the skater must also be tested. If the skaters result comes back negative, they can return to skating.

  • If someone in your household has a cold and the skater has no symptoms they can skate. 



JDFSC will continue to post information both on the club website and club facebook page that affect any changes to our programs in the near future.  The health and safety of our JDFSC skaters, coaches, volunteers and our community is most important in our decisions moving forward with this global situation.


Thank you for your understanding and patience. Please stay safe and healthy!



We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development

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