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Please direct any questions to our club email at admin@jdfskatingclub.com 

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JDF Skating Club Online AGM 


An email was sent out regarding our upcoming AGM to the families who have skated with us in the 2019-20 season. Please check your inbox. 

If you did not receive this email, please contact us at admin@jdfskatingclub.com

Thank you!  

For Summer Skating information and the tentative summer schedule, go to the 2020 Summer Schedule under the "Registration"tab.

JDFSC skaters and parents,

Reminders for the summer skating at the Q starting Monday July 13

Skate Canada Waivers for the Q arena (different than the ones from Westhills arena) MUST be filled out completely, signed by both skater and parent and turned in at your first health check in. Incomplete waivers will NOT be accepted. The waiver for summer can be found under the return to play tab. When you click on it, it should automatically download the file. Copies can be provided the first day of skating. Please allow time to fill it out.

Daily Health check in times for the following:
Group A- 8:45-8:55am
Group B -10:00-10:10am
Group C -11:30-11:40am
Group D- 12:15-12:25pm

These are done outside the facility at the West entrance. Late entry will not be permitted into the facility.

-  Pick up and drop off outside the building, please be on time to drop off and also pick up your skater as there will not be supervision after their last class with us.

- Westshore Recreation arena management has instructed us to circulate their COVID-19 Response policy which asks that there be no loitering in the parking lot. Please be sure to read this notice.

- Skaters and Coaches only permitted in the facility and at the off ice class areas.

- Bring water bottles filled at home into the facility

- Group A&B must arrive with skates on, C & D are assigned dressing rooms noted on the Appendix of the waiver.

- All groups must have running shoes to put on when they go to the off ice area to take off skates. Pack all of your belongings in a skate bag.

- All skaters should have their own skipping ropes, a yoga mat (or large beach towel) for off ice class. We are not permitted to share equipment, water bottles, food etc.

- Food is only permitted to be eaten outside the facility and everyone must take their own garbage home.

- All skaters should have their own hand sanitizer to use when going to off ice, before eating snacks or lunch outside and for their own personal responsibilities.

- Please be patient during the first few days in this facility with all of our procedures that we must follow.

We are very happy to be able to provide a summer skating school for the JDFSC skaters to resume training in safe environment!  We are so very fortunate to be able to do this as there are still many skaters in our province and in all of Canada still not back to the rink.

Take care, be well, stay safe everyone


 JDFSC will continue to post information both on the club website and club facebook page that affect any changes to our programs in the near future.

 The health and safety of our JDFSC members, skaters, coaches, volunteers and our community is most important in our decisions moving forward with this global situation.
 Thank you for your understanding and patience.
 Please stay safe and healthy!



 Club Fundraising



Thank you Amanda for organizing, and to everyone who helped out !! Also thank you to the families and coaches who donated their bottles. Thanks to your hard work you raised $1085 for JDF Skating Club!!!

Thank you!

Thank you to the skaters & their parents who have helped with

JDFSC fundraising events !!


We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development

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