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Membership Information

Parking Lot Closures

(A message from West Shore Parks & Rec)

There will be a film production crew working all over the West Shore Parks and Recreation site between January 22 and February 2. You will notice that certain parking lots will be blocked off on certain days.  Plan to leave a little bit earlier than usual in order to find a parking space. However, please only enter the facility at the required time.


Thursday January 28 will be expected to be the busiest day on site.

 Registration for the 2021 Winter Season 

Online registration will be available Sunday Dec. 20th after 7:00pm for CanSkate and Group A, B, C, D FULL Package registrations. Group A-D skaters wishing to register for Partial Packages are to wait to register on Monday Dec. 21st after 9:00pm. Space is limited so please register to secure a spot for your skater(s).

For the tentative winter season schedule please go to the registration tab.

JAN. 2 - MAR. 30, 2021  at Q CENTRE ARENA (Colwood)

JAN. 3 - MAR. 16, 2021 at WESTHILLS ARENA (Langford)



GROUP A – 2 days per week (Sunday at Westhills & Monday at the Q)

GROUP B – 2 days at the Q and Sunday at Westhills (Option to add Westhills Tues. am and/or Wed. pm in addition to full package)

GROUP C – 3 days at the Q (Option to add Westhills Tues. am and/or Wed. pm in addition to full package)

GROUP D – 4 days at the Q (Option to add Westhills Tues. am and/or Wed. pm in addition to full package

CanSkate - 1 day per week at the Q (Mondays)

**Full package B, C, D skaters may add one or both days at Westhills (Tues. am or Wed. pm) in addition to their full package. 


**If you are wishing to register for the PARTIAL PACKAGES, you MUST wait until Monday Dec. 21st after 9:00pm** 


NOTE: You must skate on all sessions that you register for, not just sign up to get a spot on the list. Attendance is being tracked and lists were formed from the Sept. to Dec. attendance.

Friday ice at Westhills Arena is only for those skaters who pre-signed up for this ice. It is not for Group A skaters, but recommended for Group B, C, D skaters that are skating full package and needing more ice. Your skater will be notified if they are permitted to register for this day.

When your skater is not going to be at a session: we ask that you please email (lrushton@telus.net). When possible, please do this the day before or at least the morning of their evening session. This will allow this spot to become a buy on for another skater that is on the wait list trying to skate more. We are trying to provide the opportunity for as many JDFSC skaters to be on the ice with the limited numbers we are allowed due to COVID. *** Please be respectful of this *** 


Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding as we move forward through these difficult times.

Happy New Year to you and your families!


Mask Requirements:


Due to the government announcement and the facility requirements from both West Shore Parks & Recreation (Q Centre Arena) and  City Centre Park (Westhills Arena), all of JDFSC is required to wear masks when in their facilities.

All skaters, coaches and volunteers are required to wear masks when inside the Q Centre Arena and Westhills Arena facilities. Specifically when entering and exiting the building, and when in common indoor spaces like hallways, lobby areas, and dressing rooms. 

Please note that at this time, skaters do not have to wear a mask once on the ice. Skaters can remove their own mask and put it in their jacket pocket while they skate, but masks must be put back on once they have finished their session on the ice. Skaters are welcome to wear masks on the ice, and if masks are worn on the ice then they must stay on the entire time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding through these difficult times. Please continue to check our club website and facebook page for updated membership information.

Take care, Be well, Stay safe!



  •   The Juan de Fuca Skating Club takes direction from Skate Canada  and the BC/YK Section.  They follow all orders from the PHO and viaSport along with the Skate Canada Lawyers.  Everything that is drafted and sent out to us we must follow as a Skate Canada Club.

  • Please wear a mask when you enter the health check skater area and both pick-up/ drop-off areas. 

  • CanSkate Parents: 

Please remember to put a name tag (made by us) on your child prior to coming to the rink. We ask you to understand that we cannot allow your child to go in without this name tag as it contains very important information that enables us to facilitate CanSkate smoothly and safely with these Covid measures in place.

  •  If you are ill, Stay Home!

  • If someone in your household tests positive for COVID then the skater must also be tested. If the skaters result comes back negative, they can return to skating.

  • If someone in your household has a cold and the skater has no symptoms they can skate. 



JDFSC will continue to post information both on the club website and club facebook page that affect any changes to our programs in the near future.  The health and safety of our JDFSC skaters, coaches, volunteers and our community is most important in our decisions moving forward with this global situation.


Thank you for your understanding and patience. Please stay safe and healthy!



We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development

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