Club Fundraisers

Lets work together and have a great fundraising year!! Below is a list of different fundraising opportunities that both our skaters and their families can help with to reach our goals.


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Want to sign up to help with our fundraising events?

Please feel free to e-mail Amanda Ingram at for more information.

Bottle Drives

Thank you Amanda for organizing, and to everyone who helped out !! Also thank you to the families and coaches who donated their bottles. 

Thanks to your hard work you raised $1085 for JDF Skating Club!!!

Thank you!

Next Bottle Drive is:


Coming soon

Can't make it to our bottle drive? No worries!! We have an account year round. Drop off your bottles at Alpine in Langford and say its for the Juan de Fuca Skating Club!!


Another great way to fundraise is to provide the JDF Skating Club co-op number when you visit a Co-Op Gas Station. Give them our club number 115930, and our club will receive a cheque at the end of the year that we can put towards our fundraising totals.


Join our team on FlipGive and start all your online shopping through our team page. Our team raises money every time you shop with hundreds of brands like Amazon, Starbucks, Indigo, Sportchek and Esso.

New invite code: TNGMQT

1. Download the app at


2. Join online at

Chocolate Sales

We have Purdy's chocolates for sale!!!


Dark chocolate

$40.00 a box



$50.00 a box



$50.00 a box​

Boston Pizza

Eat at Boston Pizza?? Our club is set up with Team HQ and we will earn 10% of what you spend on each receipt in food credits. Send in a picture of your receipt at