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Treasurer overview

  • Attends monthly Executive meetings as part of the Club’s financial committee.

  • Is one of the signing authorities on the bank accounts (Coast Capital & BMO) and will need

    to make these changes at the beginning of the fiscal year.

  • Keep all the receipts for Club related expenses, submit to our Bookkeeper by the end of

    each month.

  • Write checks for Club related expenses that needs to be reimbursed. Keep the record slip

    on the checkbook by stapling it to each receipt to keep track of what was already


  • Prepare paychecks for bi-monthly payrolls according to the paystubs provided by our

    Bookkeeper, get the checks signed by co-signatory then hand them over to our coaches in

    a timely manner (15th and the last day of each month).

  • Ask for monthly financial reports from our Bookkeeper each month prior to our Executive

    meeting and present it at our meeting.

  • Pay for Source deductions each month.

  • Work with Club President and Vice President to have solid understanding of Club financials

    and to make annual and long-term budget plans.

  • Will provide all the financial information for their preparation of the financial statements (at

    the fiscal year end March 31) for the Annual General Meeting (sometime in April or May).

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