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Assessment Days

The next assessment day for Star 6- Gold will be:

TENTATIVE: March 17 2024

Time:  Posted at the Arena

Star 1 - 5
Assessments are arranged directly with the skater’s primary coach.  The primary coach will contact families when the skater is ready to be assessed and request that the family pay the Skate Canada Assessment Fee.  All assessment fees must be paid prior to the skater being assessed. Fees are paid through the Uplifter program. All assessments are conducted by your primary coach.

Star 6 - Gold

These assessments occur approximately 4 times per year (DEC / MAR / MAY / AUG).  These assessment days are coordinated between the assessment coordinator, coaches and BC / YK section.  Coaches will let skaters know approximately 4 weeks in advance if they will be assessed.  The assessment coordinator will contact families regarding fees and schedule approximately 2 weeks before the assessment day. All assessments are conducted by a BC / YK section volunteer judge. 

Assessment Fees

All fees must be paid on Uplifter before the assessment can take place.  The fees can be found by clicking on the shopping cart and selecting Purchase Products.  

$12.00 per Assessment - Paid for each assessment Star 1 through to Gold Level

Star 6 – Gold Only

A $5.00 judges fee is added to the Star 6 - Gold Assessments. This fee is only paid once per skater attending the star 6- Gold assessment day only.

The assessment coordinator keeps track of the payments made for assessments on Uplifter.


If you have any questions regarding your skaters’ assessments, please contact your primary coach.


Upcoming Star 6 - Gold Assessment Days

​Tentative March 17th, 2024

Volunteers Needed

We are always looking for volunteers for the Star 6 – Gold Assessment Days to run the music. Please let the assessment coordinator know if you are interested in volunteering for this.

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