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Welcome Fall Skating Families

We are so happy to be back on the ice and welcoming lots of new skaters to the Juan de Fuca Ice Rink! It makes us so happy to see all the new little skaters out there learning new skills and gaining confidence on the ice. We wanted to take this opportunity to remind all our skating families of some upcoming fundraisers and fun events happening within our club. As well as some quick links to lots of important information for new families to skating. So, keep reading!

CanSkate fun themes will also be posted in the lobby and on the website next week, so please check back!

Quick Links Below

Please direct questions to the following:

Board of Directors

Did you know the skating club is run by a volunteer board of directors? No. Honestly neither did I until I'd been with the club for a while and really, I didn't truly understand until I became a board member myself. We rely on these volunteers to write grants to the government and other organizations to earn funding. They execute registration, contracts for the coaches, budgeting, events, club jacket orders, group hotel discounts, fundraising, Star 6+ test days, test input, Skate Canada registration, website, publicity & social media. (I know I missed something) These volunteers are critical to the smooth running of the skating club. They are always looking for more help! The more help they have the easier it is for everyone. And the more help they can provide the coaches means the coaches get to coach more and do less of the stuff that volunteers could be doing.

Who is on our board?

Fundraising for the Club

Money raised through fundraising is used to keep costs lower for all our families. We want skating to be accessible to all and the best way to do this is to fundraise! We have ideas but we need people to help us execute them. If you feel you could help the board by volunteering your time to be the Director of Fundraising please reach out to any of our board members. If you don't have enough time to dedicate as a board member that's okay too. Maybe you can help run a smaller fundraiser.

We'd like to run a bottle drive but need someone to organize. These are usually very successful, but we need your help!

We will be doing a Purdy's fundraiser closer to the Holiday Season so stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, you can donate through these companies:

  1. Bottle Depot Account: JDF Skating Club

  2. CO-OP Gas Account - #115930

  3. Glenwood Meats - Save your receipts and hand them to any of our board members

Photo Fundraiser

We want to thank Mary Jane Howland for taking all the beautiful photos you now see on the website and on social media. Thank you to everyone who purchased images of their skaters. She was able to raise $477 for the skating club. Yahoo!

Club Jackets - We will be doing a club jacket order this fall so keep watch for more details.

Santa Claus Parade

Mark your Calendar for the Victoria Santa Clause Parade

Tentative date Saturday November 26th

Each year we decorate a float and walk in the parade with our skating families. Stay tuned for more information.

Get Social!

Find us on social media! Important information is posted here so be sure to follow us. We also like to post fun photos and videos of the skaters. It's a great place to see what happens both on the ice and in off ice sessions. It's also where we will post if there are time changes or closers in the winter.

Follow us!

New Skate Canada Logo

This summer Skate Canada introduced a new logo. Over the next year we will be replacing the old with the new.

We look forward to another great season on the ice!


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