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Thank You To Our Fabulous PAs!

We couldn't survive CanSkate without you!

We are grateful for our amazing PA and PA buddies that help make our CanSkate the very best place to learn to skate!

Who are 'Program Assistants'?

An amazing group of volunteers who help run the CanSkate program both on and off the ice. They do their best to be energetic and enthusiastic in their teaching. As a group, the program assistants are dedicated to teach good quality skating skills in a fun and creative way to young skaters.Sointula

Let's Celebrate The PAs of the Month

February - Ariana Robertson and PA buddy Opale Adamek

March - Abbey Brown and PA buddy Mia Lemire

April - Caitlin Spivey and PA buddy Liliana Watson

May - Jessica Brewer & PA buddy Julie Forslund

Stayed tuned for more fun around the rink!

Happy Wednesday!


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