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Carolin Crawford Chicorelli

Dance Instructor


  • Focus in ballet and jazz.

  • Dancing my whole life from age 3, for decades with eb and flow.

  • Started teaching dance in 2004, with the start of my own studio from my home.

  • Completed R.A.D. ballet exams primary to elementary.

  • Instructed by Avril Johns (Wynn Shaw Studio), Christine Richardson (Island Dance Studio, Allegro Performing Arts Center, and Excalibre Dance Center).

  • Trained with the San Francisco Ballet School and Company on a scholarship.

  • After attending an audition for "CATS" as a school experience, I was accepted to continue with the selection process, but felt obligated to withdraw, as I did not meet the minimum age requirement.

  • I have done choreography for recitals and for Arbutus Secondary and Mount Douglas High School.

  • Performed for the David Foster Foundation.

  • One year in Toronto training in Ballet and Jazz with Toronto Dance School and Company.

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